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This is the space for my ongoing more experimental and/or complex art projects...
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Project #232
Information Constancy

Munich, 2023; digital. All images above depict different modes of representing the same pictorial information that is contained in Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. For example, the first image is a random rearrangement of all the pixels that make up a digital copy of the Mona Lisa. The second one is a rotated 3D luminance map; basically, this map represents the brightness of a picture as height (or depth): the brightest parts of the painting form the highest areas (the pinnacles) and the darkest spots the valleys. Please note: In some instances the painting has been converted to grayscale before further processing. Besides color, all other information is still contained in the renderings (except the intentionally distorded black and white version, picture #6 from left).

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Project #231
AI Polke

Munich, 2023; digital. The German title "KI befahl: linke obere Ecke orange malen!" could be translated as: "AI [artificial intelligence] commanded: paint the upper left-hand corner orange!" In an attempt to recreate the very famous painting Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen (which could be translated as: "Higher beings commanded: paint the upper right-hand corner black") by Sigmar Polke I asked ChatGPT to give me instructions on which corner to paint in which color. Since ChatGPT does not respond to creative requests with specific instructions, I asked for a random color and and a random combination of a horizontal and a vertical position (left, right; top, bottom). ChatGPT gave me the color with the RGB-code #FF5733 (orange) and the position "top-left".

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Project #201

Munich, 2021; digital. This series reflects on dealing with uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic; uncertainty in a broader sense (not knowing, limited and evolving understanding, social tension, fear of dying and suffering, ambiguity, risk prediction...) – and in a narrow sense: Will virus-loaded aerosols penetrate through (community) masks?

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Project #192
Deconstructing Van Gogh

Munich, 2019; digital. This image is an abstract take on one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings, Version 3 from his sunflower series. You can spot a sunflower seed representing the sunflowers and a small dish with kaolin symbolising the vase which holds the flowers (kaolin is one of the central ingredients in the production of ceramics). The color palette of the background is matched to Van Gogh's painted background. Finally, the image features Van Gogh's signature as can be seen in the original painting.

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Project #191
Petrified Presence

Munich/San Antonio/Vienna/...; 2019 - ongoing; digital. In rare cases, humans and other living beings leave traces in concrete and other man-made materials - they become urban fossils.

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Project #171
Machine Cancer

Munich, 2017; digital. Do androids get cancer? And if so, what would it look like? Through a fictitious text book this projects ponders the implications of non-living entities suffering from forms of cancer.

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